Booster check canton of Bern

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Booster check canton of Bern

Swissmedic has approved the third vaccination for people at particular risk and for people with weakened immune systems. In the canton of Bern, all approved persons receive a personal invitation by letter or SMS.

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Booster vaccinations in another canton

If you were vaccinated in another canton and would like to have the booster vaccination again in this canton. Then go to the page and select the desired canton.

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Department of Health, Social Services and Integration

Registration and appointment booking vaccination
Registration VacMe portal

Questions about registration and login on VacMe
VacMe blog

Phone registration and appointment booking for booster vaccination provided that you have received the letter "Release for booster vaccination with 6-digit vaccination code". There may be waiting times - we ask for your understanding.

Phone +41 31 636 88 00

Daily from
08:00 till 20:00


Corona Vaccination Hotline Canton Bern for questions about vaccination.
No registration and no appointment booking. 

Phone +41 31 636 87 87

Daily from
08:00 to 20:00


For general vaccination questions from the public:
Federal COVID-19 Vaccination Infoline

Phone 0800 88 66 44

Daily from
06:00 to 23:00